With a network of 98 sales outlets we spread out our presence in every part of Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan and more sales outlets in Faisal Abad. Consumer satisfaction in product quality and service is the zeal of our business.

Lahore Outlets

18- Gulshan 18-Gulshan Block A.I.T Lahore. Phone No. 0323-4917032

Abbot Road 19-A, Abbot Road Lahore. Phone No. 0323-4917087

Air Line Plot # 641 Air Line Phone No. 0323-4917047

Badami Bagh 9-Hanif Park Near Lohy Wali Puli Badami Bagh Lahore Phone No. 0323-4944440

Badiyan Road Lithar Pind Badiyan Road Lahore Cantt Phone No. 0323-4966664

Baghban Pura Shop #177-A, G.T Road Baghban Pura Lahore. Phone No. 0323-4917049

Barkat Market 10,11,12, Lahore Tower Barkat Market Garden Town Lahore. Phone No. 0323-4917038

Bata Pur G. T. Road Jallo More Stop Near Saleem Soap Factory Phone No. 0323-4717209

Begum Kot Opp Darbar Allah Hoo, Jia Musa Phone No. 0323-4917030

Bhatta Chowk Divine Mega 2,Main Defence Road Phone No. 0323-4917091

Bilal Ganj H.No.1 Ameer Road Chowk Ara Hassan Shah. Phone No. 0323-4917097

C Block 180 Bank Square Market Model Town C Block Loahore Phone No. 0323-4917172

Canal View 23-Commercial Zone, Main Boulevard. Phone No. 0323-4917092

Cantt Abid Majeed Road Girga Chowk Lahore Cantt Phone No. 0323-4917109

Cavalry Ground 91 Askari Tower Comercial Area Gulberg III Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917176

Chung Chung Stop Multan Road Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917217

College Road 22-Nil-Bill, College Road,Lahore Township Phone No. 0323-4917098

Darogha Wala 311-A,G.T Road, Opp. Pakistan Mint Darogha Wala Phone No. 0323-4917037

Davis Road Asif Chamber, 14-Davis Road,Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917075

Defense Boulevard E-99/7 Main Boulevard Defense Phone No. 0323-4917212

Dha XX Block 3-B, Block-XX Phase-3-C, DHA Phone No. 0323-4917086

Dharam Pura 189-Allama Iqbal, Road Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917004

E M E Society Near Muhafiz Town, Thokar Niaz Baig Canal Road,Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917103

Faisal Town 11-D,Faisal Town Near Akbar Chowk, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917057

Ferozpur Road Awan Market, Feroz Pur Road Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917026

FerozWala Near Railway Crossing Imamia Colony GT Road Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917018

Firdos Market G-5 Capri Center Firdous Mrket Gulberg III Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917214

Fleming Road House No.70 Near Lahore Hotel Phone No. 0323-4917105

Garden Town 103-Raja Market Abu Bakar Block Garden Town Phone No. 0322-8430213

Ghalib Markeet Plot No 83, Big Market, Gulberg Phone No. 0323-4917043

Ghazi Road Gulistan Colony, Dha Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917041

Gulberg Hussain 3-C-3-A Gulberg-Iii, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917036

Gulshan Ravi 162-A, Main Road, Gulshan Ravi Phone No. 0323-4917056

H Block 162-H Block, DHA, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917048

Ichhra Bashir Manzil,Chowk Baba Azam Phone No. 0323-4917031

Imamia Clony Imiamia Colony Shahdra Jalal Shoping Centre Phone No. 0323-4917117

Iqbal Town 654-Umer Block, Allama Iqbal Town Phone No. 0323-4917035

Islam Pura 28-Sanda Road, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917060

Ismail Nagar Main Ferozpur Road, Ismail Nagar Phone No. 0323-4917206

Jauray Pull 1-S-7A Block - A Ghazi Road, Al-Fasial Town,Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917104

Jinnah Near Jinnah Hospital Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917088

Johar Town 40-B, Johar Town, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917102

Johar Town 12-G, Lahore. Phone No. 0323-4917090

K Block 16-K Commercial Dha, Lahore Cantt Phone No. 0323-4917066

Kahna Now Near Alfalah Bank Kahna Nou Phone No. 0323-4917216

Kareem Park 163/2, Karim Park, Ravi Road, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917059

Kot Abdul Malik Shakhu Pura Road Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917170

Kot Khawaja Haji Qamar Din Park Shadbagh Lahore Phone No. 0322-8445788

Krishan Nagar 73-Sanda Klan, Krishan Nagar, Phone No. 0323-4917052

Lakshman Singh Ravi Park, Qila Lakshaman Singh Phone No. 0323-4917114

Lal Pull Shop No. 5,6,7,8, Waheed Center Phone No. 0323-4917002

Liaqat Chowk Plot No. 128-B Block-G Liaqat Chowk, Sabzazar Scheme Phone No. 0323-4917027

Link Road 82-K, Link Road, Model Town, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917062

Litton Road 100-D,Lytton Road, Mazung Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917028

Model Town Store Area, Model Town, A.Block, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917082

Motorway Near NLC Multan Road Lahore Phone No. 0322-8430211

Multan Road 4-A, Sabzazar Scheme, Multan Road Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917070

Muslim Town 248-A, New Muslim Town, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917076

Nadeem Shaheed Shop No. 48, Main Nadeem Shaheed Road,Smd, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917055

Nadra Abad Near Ali View Garden Badiyan Road Lahore Cantt Lahore Phone No. 0323-4966669

Naseer Abad Ground Floor 217 Main Ferozpur Road Bhabra Gulberge III Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917033

Neelam Cinema Ne-R-N-114 Aziz Road,Chah Miran,Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917051

Nisbat Road 77-Nisbat Road, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917001

Peco Road 1857/1298/62, Peco Road Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917050

Pounch Road Sxi-15-79/B/2, Poonch Road Samanabad Phone No. 0323-4917042

Punjab Society 4/B-3, Phase I, Pgechs, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917054

Railway Plaza Shop No.8 - Railway Employees Plaza Gharishahu Phone No. 0323-4917085

Raiwind Road 11-Ali Town, Raiwaind Road, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917063

Ravi Road 103-Pak Fan Building, Ravi Road Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917044

Rehman Pura Rehman Street, Rehmanpura,Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917058

Rewaz Garden Plot No. 315, Rewaz Garden Phone No. 0323-4917053

Rustam Parak P-24, Urdu Nagar, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917077

Saddar 1425/16, Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt Phone No. 0323-4917079

Salamat Pura Mian Javed Plaza, Daroghawala Chowk Phone No. 0323-4917080

Saman Abad 476-N, Main Road, Samanabad Phone No. 0323-4917067

Shaam Nagar Hassan Chowk, Rajgarh, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917034

Shadbagh 275-Shadbagh, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917023

Shadman 42/6,42/7, Shadman Market Phone No. 0323-4917040

Shadra Chowk 33 GT Road Near Post Office Shahdra Lahore Phone No. 0323-4944448

Shahdra Town Main Road Near Nim Deer Darbar Shahdra Town Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917012

Shalimar 106-Shalimar Link Road,Mughal Pura, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917003

Shama Cinema Shama Plaza Phone No. 0323-4917013

Swami Nagar Link-45-G.T Road, Chah Miran Phone No. 0323-4917039

Taj Bagh Harbans Pura, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917025

Taj Pura 419-A Ground Flour Taj Pura Scheme Laore Phone No. 0323-4917116

Temple Road 49-Temple Road, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917069

Texali Gate 275-A Mola Baroni Texali Gate Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917215

Town Ship 399-Block-6 Sector- B-I Township Phone No. 0323-4917081

Umer Chowk 223-Block-I-Sector D-I, Quaid-E-Azam Phone No. 0323-4917078

Valincia Town Plot No.A-1/11 Valancia, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917029

Wahdat Road 22-Mamdot Block Wahdat Road Phone No. 0323-4917061

Waltan Road K No.253, Zaman Colony Phone No. 0323-4917068

Wapda Town 14-F,Pia Society, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917064

Wasan Pura Opp, Pole, 16-Umer Din Road Phone No. 0323-4917084

Yateem Khana 35/80, 117-Multan Road,Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917110

Z Block 310-Z Block, Lcchs, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917046

Zahoor Elehi 24-B,Gulberg-Ii, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917024

Zarar Shaheed Plot 1-B,Guldasgt Town, Lahore Phone No. 0323-4917083

Faisal Abad Outlets

Batala Colony    041-8558884

Gulberg    041-2630424

Gulistan Colony    041-8847766

Hockey Stadium    041-8502007

Peoples Colony    0323-4444811

Saman Abad    041-2669089