• Sumptuous Food!
  • Extraordinary Service!
  • Courteous And Prompt!
  • Reasonable Rates!

You And Your Guests Can Enjoy The Finest In Food, Elegance And Service!

Relax while your guests delight themselves as they are catered to cordially and courteously. Smile as you see the business of entertaining become charming, elegant and hassle free before you. Enjoy watching your guests as they are not only well fed, but well served and satisfied too. Your party, event or function will be a hit and you will be remembered as the ever-so-gracious host or hostess! Isn't that what you want in a catering service?
Whether it's a corporate, VIP, formal, a gala event, a small or large office party, a laid back private gathering, a wedding or funeral reception or even a romantic evening at home, you can enjoy the absolute best in catering services anywhere in Lahore. Whatever the event it will be catered appropriately and to your personal requests! Even if you just want food catering that is our pleasure too. Catering Services Lahore is your one stop destination for all that spells fine dining and hospitality. You will enjoy the highest level in "at your service catering"!
You're probably thinking though, "Well, How do I know if these guys will really deliver the goods, I mean, after all, everyone SAYS they're the best."

Your Wish Is Our Command!

Catering Services Washington, DC, on understanding the full scope of your requirements, will bend over backwards to make it happen just as you want. From appetizers to soups, salads and entree, vegetarian delights, main course servings both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, side dishes and desserts galore your wish is our command.
We also serve cocktails, mock tails and any non-alcoholic beverages of your choice.
Take the time to check on our special selections for weddings and funerals, VIP menus, party packages and low cost parties, etc...

Planning And Preparation That Leave A Mark

Whether you are planning a wedding reception, a shower, a friend’s party, a or any special day or event, just about anything that requires hospitality and good management, Catering Services Washington DC will be there for you. Whether it's full catering services other exclusively food catering we offer you the choice.
You can take advantage of our catering service experience for all of your planning, preparation, implementation and right on through cleanup.
Select the perfect menu. Select the perfect menu,fine china, glassware, silverware, table linen, chafing dishes, cutleryand even a prized selection of cookware. Arrange for the exact look, feel and managing of your event that you want.Even tables and chairs can be provided as needed.
If its informal and carefree you want, such as a barbeque, Gourmet Catering Services also offers you the convenience of a full line of disposables in case that fits best the party you are planning. Surprisingly barbeques, (bbq) are some of the most popular events to cater so we have worked hard at honing or techniques to make these quick, easy and cost effective.
Choose from a wide range of budgets and payment plans are available if you need them.
When you are looking for that unique gift a well catered event might just be that perfect present you've had trouble finding.

Punctuality And Courtesy Is Our "Claim to Fame"!

As unbelievable as it may sound many catering companies, shall we say, leave much to be desired when it comes to quality food, elegance, courteous service and especially just showing up on time!
Admittedly it it is a challenge to be able to get to a site and have everything setup and elegantly and exquisitely prepared, many times, within a small time frame but you will findwe have mastered this art. We pride ourselves in making your event go off without a hitch. This is given priority throughout every stage of planning and preparation.
You can expect the most courteous of service from well trained waiters, waitresses and chefs. Your guests will bask in the pleasure of fine dining and service.

Catering Services Encompassing The Full Scope Of...

  • Meticulous Planning
  • Guidance With Menu Selection
  • Gourmet Meal Customization
  • Shopping
  • Food Preparation
    Last Minute Adjustments
Elegant Decorations
Waiters Well Versed In Manners And Etiquette
After Dinner Cleanup
Payment Plans
Wedding Caterer
Barbeque, Buffet And Picnic Caterers

"Have Lunch Or Dinner With Us!"

Call Catering Services now or just fill out the contact form above and schedule a time for us to deliver your free lunch or dinner. Yes, dine with us and we'll review together what you need to get you started on the road to putting on the event or throwing the party of your dreams!